Frequently Asked Questions

How soon can we get started?

Depending upon your project needs, we may be able to get started as soon as the same day. This is most common with our guest blogging services when there is an immediate need to respond to critical cybersecurity incidents, such as a ransomware outbreak or major data breach. Otherwise, it’s reasonable to expect your project to kickoff within one to two weeks of signing contacts and making the deposit payment.

What payment methods are accepted?

We gladly accept ACH transfers and credit card payments via our payment gateway service provider, Intuit. We do not charge a premium for credit card payments. Payments by check will be considered from established companies with strong D&B ratings, but cannot be accepted for new customer deposit payments. Consider it a zero-trust model. It’s not you, it’s us.

Can we setup a retainer-based ‘bucket of hours’?

Absolutely! We have plans available for 40-80 dedicated hours per month, where our resources are directed by your team. The benefit to this arrangement is that you have a dedicated extension of your team to perform the work needed, as needed. The downside is that the hours don’t rollover. If you’re interested in seeing what this would look like for your company’s situation, let’s setup a time to discuss it further.

Do you have example work that we can have a look at?

But of course! We have literally hundreds of examples across all mediums. Let’s have a quick chat to see what you’re looking for in examples so we can provide the most appropriate pieces or links.

How do we collaborate with your team?

Beyond Zoom, email and phone calls, we will provide you with an Operandis-hosted collaberation platform link that works identically to the likes of Microsoft® M365 or Google® Google Workspace. We choose to self-host this platform so that we, and we alone, are responsible for who has access to your project files. We like to think of ourselves as data provacy and protection advocates and will always treat your data with the highest degree of confidentiality.

Where are you based and do you support international clients?

We are proudly based in Houston, Texas and have customers on three continents with their teams spread all around the globe. Let’s just say that we’re no strangers to 3AM Zoom meetings. We can even have the content we develop for you localized into ‘Queen’s English’, German, Spanish and French.