Here’s what some of our customers, colleagues and partners have to say about working with us over the years.


Ray Guzman, Microsoft

Duncan is an amazingly talented individual that prides himself on the quality of his work. He has the unique ability to understand business drivers and align technology in a way to deliver value to his clients. He is an excellent communicator but perhaps his strongest attribute is his integrity.

Charles Beard, Spiceworks Ziff-Davis

Duncan presents many of the cybersecurity webinars we do at Ziff Davis B2B. Without fail, Duncan’s presentations are interesting, informative, and engaging. He consistently gets some of the most positive audience feedback we receive. He is a pleasure to work with and he adds value to all our events. While cybersecurity can be a dry subject, Duncan makes you want to learn more. I highly recommend Duncan to speak at your next event.

Steven ‘Bo’ Beaudoin, Idea Integration

While at Idea Integration Duncan was the primary resource responsible for supporting our new National Systems Center Task Force. As the team lead he developed excellent content and collateral that helped us drive our message into this arena. And as a world class consultant his expertise was the primary reason we were able to deliver on that promise.

Greg Ramsey, Distinguished Engineer at Dell Technologies

I have worked with Duncan on many projects over the past 5 years. He has consistenly provided top-notch services and expertise in an efficient and effective manner. Duncan is the kind of team lead that you can give him a problem (be it technical or personnel), and he will work to resolve it using industry standard best practices.

Robert Russell, Lumension

Duncan is an outstanding leader as an expert with cyber security. I knew Duncan at Lumension-Ivanti. Duncan served as our Principal Leader for security solutions and before we even brought Duncan onsite or on calls to meet with customers - he was well known by so many companies and individuals. Duncan is known for his security background, for being a sought after speaker, for his Infragard membership and leadership, for being a 6th time Microsoft MVP, his security certifications, etc, etc. Duncan’s strengths are his ability to navigate complex information security environments and provide solutions that meet customers needs. His ability to listen, to dissect complex situations and break them down to simple understandable components is truly amazing. Customers would ask for Duncan repeatedly and again and again we won large deals across enterprise customers of all industries because of Duncan’s expertise and talent. I highly recommend Duncan as a proven security leader.

Neil Christie, Quest Software

In the time that I have known Duncan I have found him professional and courteous. He maintains high standards when dealing with business partners and always seeks the win-win scenario when possible. He has been honest and open when dealing with me and my company and he seeks to understand our business and the market we operate in. Duncan is a savvy individual with strong interpersonal skills and good business acumen.

Jason Bailey, Ivanti

Duncan McAlynn is an SCCM icon in the industry (expert would be an understatement) and a substantial reason for the success of the PatchLink Desktop for SCCM product at HEAT Software. He’s not only one of the most humble and down to earth technical resources I’ve ever worked with at his caliber, but he truly knows his stuff.

Erik Chapple, EMC

My experiences working with Duncan, he has proven to be a most valuable asset. He is a sound technical resource with a diverse background that lends insight into most any solution. Duncan is someone that acts as part of the technology community as a colleague and mentor. Staying current with new and updated technology highlights his dedication and passion for the industry. Duncan also has a unique proficiency in business. He continually demonstrates the ability to successfully manage staff, client expectations, project resources and sales requirements while maintaining focus on the greater good and what’s best for the business.

Michael Dal Cerro, Intellient

While working at Intellient, I had the pleasure to get introduced to Duncan. Duncan is a top shelf professional. Being an MVP, he certainly has deep expertise in the Microsoft System Center. In addition, he carries a strong acumen with professionalism, integrity and problem solving skills.

Helen Carrol, HEAT Software

Cyber Security has been a hot topic for awhile now and Duncan has been my go-to-Evangelist for all of the media and press articles and request that we at Heat Software [now Ivanti] have received. Duncan is so knowledgable, well connected in the industry and super speedy on requests. I’ve had the pleasure of watching him present at our events and he captivates the audience with his thought provoking content. He comes highly recommended by me!

Amy Horowitz, Rackspace

Duncan is an outstanding architect! His methodical ways of thinking ensure projects are delivered on time and with accuracy. He is well rounded and has great relationships with other team members. I believe Duncan is a true asset to any organization.

Russell Berg, WIN, LLC

I saw Duncan’s presentation at a recent IT conference. Any security presentation that comes with a Trigger Warning slide at the beginning is the kind of presentation I want to participate in. Duncan succeeded in getting us out of our comfort zone with the absolute latest security threat updates and, more importantly, how we should be protecting ourselves against these and other threats with the right tools, processes, policies, and attitude. I brought back ideas and questions for our internal IT staff that we acted on immediately.

Daniel Hamiliton, Milwaukee Police Department

Duncan is a highly motivated, forthcoming, and intelligent source of information. He can leave anyone he comes into contact with emotionally charged to positively stride toward better security practices and implementations. Duncan’s approach and passion for Cybersecurity has imbued me with the drive to peruse the security path with it’s focus on technology and how it relates to others. His public speaking skill is engaging and riveting.

Jonathan Bays, Sycomp

Duncan is one of the best straight talking cyber security experts you ever get to work with. Plenty of good advice and helpful across the whole business. I was able to leverage his experience [sic] to get our products baked into the IT security solutions my partners were putting forward in response to the latest threats.